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Art’s Automotive Art-icles
We publish a lot of original content here at Art’s Automotive. Some of our pages contain information for our customers: how we operate as a shop, and automotive information we think our customers will find useful.  This gives potential customers a chance to see if they like our flavor. We also write on technical topics aimed at do-it-yourselfers, other mechanics, and curious customers.

Web Articles

We’ve written so many articles over the years that it started to get hard to find them on the site. The following links will take you to tables that are sorted by the year written (newest first). You can also search for an article within the table by using the search box at the top of the table. Happy hunting!

Articles about us and our shop

Articles for the curious, DIY’ers, and other mechanics

Customer Handouts
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If you’ve ever been to our waiting room, you’ve probably seen these handouts on our counter. If you’d like to keep a copy or send a link to a friend, here you go.

Customer Handouts

Frequently Asked Questions
This massive section is a series of common automotive questions and their answers. It covers first time customers to general automotive questions.

Ask A Mechanic
Sometimes you just need to ask a mechanic some questions. Feel free to email us, but be aware that it is not our primary method of customer contact. If your vehicle is at the shop, give us a phone call to discuss your project (510-540-7093)