Oil Change Berkeley

Art’s Automotive is a full service shop. We’re mostly known for out ability to tackle tough projects, but we won’t shy away from a simple oil change just because it’s not very profitable. Small jobs like oil changes, 5K and 7500 mile services, and other minor services make up the bulk of the service a car will need during its lifespan. We think it’s important to keep in contact with our customers and with their cars, performing these periodic minor services is a good way for us to stay in touch.

We don’t change the way we do things just to keep up with the x-lube shops. We use either Castrol, Nippon Eneos, or Redline Synthetic oil. None of these are cheap and it’s impossible to put much of a markup on these brands and remain competitive, so we don’t. So we must make our money on the filters, right? Nope, not really. We use only genuine filters. The oil filter we install will come from the Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Nissan, Mazda, or Hyundai dealership parts department. We do not mark these parts up beyond dealer list price, so we’ll only make 20% -25% profit on them. If we need to top up any fluids during the oil change, those will be genuine too. Everything we put on your car, right down to the drain plug washer, is the same as was installed when the car was new.

We don’t just use better parts, we use better people. No disrespect to any other shops, but we have a great crew. Our mechanics have a LOT of experience with Japanese vehicles. As you might imagine, talented technicians are not cheap either. Some talent-heavy shops in our position simply refuse to do oil changes and small services because sucks profit from the business. We feel like it’s something akin to advertising: it doesn’t make money, but it pays off in other ways. This philosophy may be part of the reason Art’s Automotive doesn’t advertise, except for an occasional sponsorship for a sports team or theater group, yet we’re always busy.

So, if we don’t make money on the parts, or the labor, we must be looking for the “upsell”… get ’em in the door then sell everything but the kitchen sink! Nope, that’s not what we’re after either. We’re not looking at your oil change appointment as an opportunity for a fishing expedition. Of course we’ll let you know if we see any problems, but we’re not looking to fill our schedule with your car and we’re not looking to recommend a bunch of profitable “preventive maintenance” of spurious value. We only recommend two types of preventive maintenance: service items recommended by the manufacturer and service items to prevent failures we’ve seen in the past. As far as repair recommendations, we only recommend fixing problems that will affect your vehicles performance, safety, environmental impact, or longevity. If there is a “problem” with your car and its repair will provide little benefit to you, we’ll let you know about it, but we’ll also let you know you don’t really need to fix it.

So in summary: quality parts and fluids, competitive prices, excellent technicians, and honest advice.

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