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Article TitleAuthorYear Written
Mazda oil filters: 1WPE-14-302 vs. 1WPY-14-302Paul Cortes2024
Toyota Hybrid Battery Cooling MaintenancePaul Cortes2024
Prius won’t turn off? Here’s the solution!Paul Cortes2023
Is Toyota prepaid maintenance worth it?Paul Cortes2023
The Gen2 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid (2018-2023)Paul Cortes2023
What to do if your car overheatsPaul Cortes2023
Honda blower motor not workingPaul Cortes2023
The dreaded check hybrid system messagePaul Cortes2023
P2647 HondaPaul Cortes2023
Sometimes you get the shaftPaul Cortes2023
Prius overlanding?Paul Cortes2023
Companies that can ship a car out of BerkeleyRoy Cohen2023
P0A80 – Replace hybrid battery packPaul Cortes2023
How much is a Prius Hybrid battery?Paul Cortes2023
Honda battery drainPaul Cortes2023
Throttle Body Cleaning – Scam or essential maintneancePaul Cortes2023
Mice try to eat a PriusPaul Cortes2022
KTM Super Duke 1290 “Front Brake Light Switch” MessagePaul Cortes2022
TPMS battery replacementPaul Cortes2022
How to dispose of hazardous waste in BerkeleyPaul Cortes2022
When to replace brake padsPaul Cortes2022
P0AE1 on a 2012-2015 Honda Civic HybridPaul Cortes2022
2010-2015 Toyota Prius P0102Paul Cortes2022
Will a falling bullet kill you?Paul Cortes2022
What happens when you put diesel in a gas enginePaul Cortes2022
Why does my Prius battery keep dying?Paul Cortes2022
Setting up a digital microscope – AFSCOPE C212Paul Cortes2022
Honda Civic Refuses to Turn OffPaul Cortes2021
Prius Head Gasket RepairPaul Cortes2021
A tale of Subaru immobilizer woePaul Cortes2021
Prius Odometer ProgrammingPaul Cortes2021
Digital vehicle inspections. A tool for fraud?Paul Cortes2021
Hybrid battery lifePaul Cortes2021
OBD2 Connector RepairPaul Cortes2021
Fuse 37, Nissan Rogue keeps blowing fusesPaul Cortes2021
How Does a Steering Angle Sensor Work?Paul Cortes2021
2017 Honda CRV – Nope, I wouldn’t recommend this car to a friendPaul Cortes2021
Should you put new tires on the front or rear?Paul Cortes2020
Fixing a captive nut in a subframePaul Cortes2020
Custom made battery cablePaul Cortes2020
How to get a catalyst monitor to runPaul Cortes2020
Can I keep driving with a check engine light?Paul Cortes2020
Brake repair done rightPaul Cortes2020
Car InspectionPaul Cortes2020
Prius Transmission RepairPaul Cortes2020
How to jump start a PriusPaul Cortes2020
Honda PDTC P0456 Won't ClearPaul Cortes2020
Common Prius RepairsPaul Cortes2020
How to reset a check engine lightPaul Cortes2020
My Mechanic Broke my Car! What should I do now?Paul Cortes2020
Tire pressure light won't turn off? Read this.Paul Cortes2020
TOYOTAtech MagazineExternal Website2020
Toyota ServicePaul Cortes2020
Dim HeadlightsPaul Cortes2020
What’s up with Subaru lug studs?Paul Cortes2020
Do TPMS sensors need to be resealed when tires are replaced?Paul Cortes2020
TPMS – Reset tire pressure light on the Honda Civic 2016-2020Paul Cortes2020
Fuel Injector CleaningPaul Cortes2019
Mice short out a Prius hybridPaul Cortes2019
Do It Yourself A/C ServicePaul Cortes2019
Honda direct injector pump failurePaul Cortes2018
Toyota Highlander Hybrid Inverter RepairPaul Cortes2018
2004 Honda Civic Hybrid P1560 Encoder FaultPaul Cortes2017
Opinion – A long rant about a new oil change sticker lawPaul Cortes2016
Scheduled Maintenance IntervalsChristian Strohm2015
P0AA6Paul Cortes2014
Predictive Battery Failure AnalysisPaul Cortes2012
Replacing an MG2 on a Gen1 Prius (Scott)Paul Cortes2012
Gen1 Prius P3009Paul Cortes2012
Repair- CV BootsPaul Cortes2011
TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)Paul Cortes2010
Wheel AlignmentPaul Cortes2010
Gen1 Prius Catalytic ConverterPaul Cortes2010
Nitrogen for tires? Nah. Use an 80/20 blendPaul Cortes2010
Why is paying for professional diagnosis is worth the moneyPaul Cortes2010
How to get what you want from a mechanicPaul Cortes2010
California Requires Mechanics to Set Tire PressurePaul Cortes2010
Prius P3125Paul Cortes2010
Gen2 Prius Multi Function Display RepairPaul Cortes2009
New rules for aftermarket catalytic convertersPaul Cortes2008
2001-2005 Honda Civic Control Arm BushingsPaul Cortes2008
Gen1 Prius lost all keys (2001-2003)Paul Cortes2008
Insight Oil LeakPaul Cortes2008
How to buy a used carLute2008
Breaking in BrakesPaul Cortes2008
Gen2 Prius 30KPaul Cortes2007
VIN tag crackdownPaul Cortes2006
Clutch JobPaul Cortes2006
Tire PatchPaul Cortes2006
Why not a quick lube joint?Christian Strohm2006
Gen1 Prius Transmission ReplacementPaul Cortes2006
TIG weld repair aluminum cylinder headPaul Cortes2005
Honda Oil Pan Drain Plug Thread RepairPaul Cortes2005
Honda Valve Adjustment V6Paul Cortes2005
What's a Tune Up?Paul Cortes2005
Glove Box RepairPaul Cortes2004
Brake InspectionPaul Cortes2004
Comparing Auto Repair PricesPaul Cortes2004
Reflashing Toyota ECUs Back in the DayPaul Cortes2003
Plastic WeldingPaul Cortes2003
Timing Belt ReplacementPaul Cortes2003
"Snake Oil"Paul Cortes2002
Tire Plugs: A personal injury lawyer's wet dreamPaul Cortes2002
What is Maintenance?Paul Cortes2002
Honda Insight Auto Stop Doesn't WorkPaul Cortes2001
Buying TiresPaul Cortes2000
A Beginner's Guide to Welding AluminumPaul Cortes2000
Why has my mileage decreased?Paul Cortes2000
Tire RotationPaul Cortes2000
Air Conditioning RepairPaul Cortes2000
How to find a good mechanicPaul Cortes2000
Shop SoftwarePaul Cortes2000
Should you rebuild your engine?Paul Cortes2000