Honda service in Berkeley, CA

Chart with the meaning of Honda Maintenance Minder items A, B, 1 (rotate tires), 2 (replace air filters), 3 (replace transmission fluid), 4 (spark plugs and valve adjustment), 5 (replace coolant), 6 (differential), and 7 (brake fluid flush).

Looking for Honda service at a fair price? Tired of paying too much for Honda maintenance?

Make Art’s Automotive your Honda mechanic! We have been servicing Honda vehicles since 1980 and we like to think we’re pretty good at it. Next time your Honda needs a repair, please give us a try instead of taking it to a Honda service center.

Why Art’s Automotive

While there are many shops that repair Honda vehicles, we specialize and are better equipped than most. We own the Honda factory scan tool and subscribe to Honda service information, so we can do all the same Honda service and repairs as a Honda dealership, but without the high prices.

Another reason to choose Art’s is our culture. We try to treat our customers as if they were family or friends. Fair charges, honest advice, and we’ll treat your car like we’d want someone to treat ours. It’s not all about profit. We actually like what we do and are proud of our work.

Services we offer

We offer the following services for Honda vehicles:

  • Maintenance minder services: A, B, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7
  • Routine maintenance: 5K, 15K, 30K, 60K, 90K, 105K, 120K
  • Electrical diagnosis
  • Check engine light diagnosis and repair
  • SRS / Air Bag diagnosis and repair
  • ADAS calibration: Radar, camera, LiDAR, ultrasonic, cross-traffic, lane departure, lane keep assist LKAS, etc.
  • ABS and VSC light diagnosis and repairs
  • Cruise control repair
  • Power window repair
  • Computer re-programming / re-flashing
  • Tire repair and replacement
  • Wheel alignment
  • Transmission and CVT diagnosis and repair
  • Clutch replacement and in-house flywheel grinding
  • Brake pads and rotor machining
  • Engine repairs and in-house machine shop
  • Head gasket replacement and cylinder head pressure testing and reconditioning
  • Catalytic converter replacement
  • Ignition and door lock repair
  • Replacement car keys, including smart keys
  • Immobilizer programming
  • and much more!

About the Honda Maintenance Minder system

In the mid-2000s Honda moved away from maintenance schedule and switched to the “Maintenance Minder” system. A letter (A or B) is combined with a number (1 – 7) to create a Honda Maintenance Minder code describing the service your Honda is due for. Honda no longer uses a service schedule based on mileage (5K, 15K, 30K, etc). Instead, there is an engine oil life % and maintenance code like A1 or B1.

This system has both good and bad aspects. What’s good? For one thing, the system looks at more than mileage. It used to be that Honda said to change the motor oil every 5,000 miles, but not all 5,000 miles driven are equal. With plenty of freeway driving, a 5K oil change is plenty. However, if a car is idling or chugging along in stop and go traffic it will need more frequent service. The maintenance minder system addresses this issue.

Another good thing about the maintenance minder services is that it alerts the driver to more than just oil changes. The old reminder system only alerted the driver their Honda needed an oil change. There was only one “Maint Req” light and it meant the car needs an oil change. However, it was the owner’s responsibility to figure out whether his Honda needed other service as well. The maintenance minder system alerts the driver to all of the service requirements.

Honda Maintenance Codes

Honda maintenance minder codes describe the type of maintenance needed. There is always one letter (either an A or B) combined with one or more numbers (currently 1 – 7).

You can have many different combinations of Honda service codes, but there are a couple of rules. Any time the engine oil life % gets low and a maintenance minder code appears, a letter will be in the code – either an A or a B. Second, Honda letter codes will always appear with a 1. So, you can have a Honda A1 service or a Honda B1 service, but never a just an A or B.

Here are what the Honda codes mean.

  • Honda A1 service: Replace engine oil and filter + tire rotation and brake inspection [5K service]
  • Honda B1 service: Full mechanical inspection + replace engine oil and filter [15K service]
  • Maintenance Minder code 1: Rotate the tires and inspect the brake pads
  • Maintenance Minder code 2: Replace engine air filter and cabin filter [30K miles]
  • Maintenance Minder code 3: Replace transmission oil/fluid (MT/CVT/AT) [30K – 60K miles]
  • Maintenance Minder code 4: Replace spark plugs and valve adjustment [105K/110K miles]
  • Maintenance Minder code 5: Replace coolant(s) [120K miles]
  • Maintenance Minder code 6: Replace differential fluid/oil [30K – 60K]
  • Maintenance Minder code 7: Replace brake fluid [3 years ~ 30K miles]

Honda service code combination examples

So, what you end up with an oil life % and an alpha-numeric code. Here are some examples:

  • Honda B12 service – Full inspection, oil change, rotate tires, change engine air filter and cabin air filter.
  • Honda A12 service – Oil change, check brakes, rotate tires, change engine air filter and cabin air filter.
  • Honda B13 service – Full inspection, oil change, rotate tires, Honda transmission service.
  • Honda A13 service – Oil change, check brakes, rotate tires, replace manual transmission oil.

The maintenance minder codes above are by far the most common. Service codes 4, 5, 6 and 7 don’t occur frequently. For instance, Honda service code B14 will usually occur every 105K to 110K miles. Service code 4 indicates it’s time to replace the timing belt (if your Honda has one), spark plugs, and adjust the valves.

Service code B15 usually appears around 120K miles and indicates it’s time for coolant service.

Honda service code B16 only applies to all wheel drive Honda vehicles like the Acura MDX, Honda Pilot, Honda CR-V, or Honda Ridgeline. Service code 6 indicates it’s time to replace the rear differential fluid, which is always a Honda specialty fluid like VTM4 or Dual Pump fluid. Only use the correct fluid in Honda differentials!

Service code B17 will appear every 3 years on a newer Honda. However, on older Honda cars you’re expected to read the service manual and remember to replace the brake fluid at least every 3 years.

Problems with Honda’s Maintenance Minder System

The Maintenance Minder system is nice. However, things can and do go wrong. For instance, let’s say you take your Honda in for service and the mechanic does an oil change and rotates the tires, then resets the maintenance minder.

That’s all well and good, unless the code displayed was B13. The car was due for a transmission service and inspections, but it didn’t get that, and now the reminder has been cleared. This happens a lot at quick lube shops and auto repair shops that don’t specialize in Honda.

We have a Honda factory scan tool, so we can accurately enter data into your Honda’s maintenance minder system.

Honda service near you!

What’s wrong with Honda dealership service? It depends on your priorities. Berkeley Honda has some good Honda techs, but we do too, and we’re cheaper for most Honda repairs and services. Are we Honda certified? The short answer is yes, but for long but more accurate answer please read our page about certification here.

If you’re new to Honda or new to Berkeley (or the East Bay), please give us a try. We want to be your Honda shop! Give us a call at 510-540-7093 to request a quote for a service or book an appointment. Whether you have an Accord, Civic, CR-V, Pilot, or Fit, we’re willing and able to provide you with excellent service. Thanks for reading. We hope to see you soon.

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