Honda service, repair, and maintenance in Berkeley

Looking for Honda service at a fair price? Tired of paying too much and getting poor results? Art’s Automotive has been repairing Honda vehicles since 1980 and we like to think we’re pretty good at it. We own the Honda factory scan tool and subscribe to Honda service information, so we can do all the same Honda service and repairs as a Honda dealership, but without the high prices. It sounds corny, but we try to treat our customers as if they were family or friends. Fair charges, honest advice, and we’ll treat your car like we’d want someone to treat ours.

We offer the following service for Honda vehicles:

  • Maintenance minder services: A, B, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7
  • Routine maintenance: 5K, 15K, 30K, 60K, 90K, 105K, 120K
  • Electrical diagnosis
  • Check engine light diagnosis and repair
  • SRS / Air Bag diagnosis and repair
  • ADAS calibration: Radar, camera, LiDAR, ultrasonic, cross-traffic, lane departure, lane keep assist LKAS, etc.
  • ABS and VSC light diagnosis and repairs
  • Cruise control repair
  • Power window repair
  • Computer re-programming / re-flashing
  • Tire repair and replacement
  • Wheel alignment
  • Transmission and CVT diagnosis and repair
  • Clutch replacement and in-house flywheel grinding
  • Brake pads and rotor machining
  • Engine repairs and in-house machine shop
  • Head gasket replacement and cylinder head pressure testing and reconditioning
  • Catalytic converter replacement
  • Ignition and door lock repair
  • Replacement car keys, including smart keys
  • Immobilizer programming
  • and much more!

Honda Maintenance Minder Services

In the mid-2000s Honda moved away from the “K” services (15K, 30K, etc.) and switched to the “maintenance minder” system. This system has both good and bad aspects. What’s good? For one thing, the system looks at more than mileage. It used to be that Honda said to change the motor oil every 5,000 miles, but not all 5,000 miles driven are equal. With plenty of freeway driving, a 5K oil change is plenty. However, if a car is idling or chugging along in stop and go traffic it will need more frequent service. The maintenance minder system addresses this issue.

Another good thing about the maintenance minder services is that it alerts the driver to more than just oil changes. The old reminder system only alerted the driver their Honda needed an oil change. There was only one “Maint Req” light. It means the car needs an oil change, but it was the owner’s responsibility to figure out whether his Honda needed other service as well. The maintenance minder system alerts the driver to all of the service requirements.

Honda Maintenance Minder Codes

  • Maintenance Minder A: Change oil and filter [5K miles]
  • Maintenance Minder B: Change oil and filter + full inspection [15K miles]
  • Maintenance Minder 1: Rotate tires [5K miles]
  • Maintenance Minder 2: Replace engine air filter and cabin filter [30K miles]
  • Maintenance Minder 3: Replace transmission oil/fluid (MT/CVT/AT) [30K – 60K miles]
  • Maintenance Minder 4: Replace spark plugs and valve adjustment [105K/110K miles]
  • Maintenance Minder 5: Replace coolant(s) [120K miles]
  • Maintenance Minder 6: Replace differential fluid/oil [30K – 60K]
  • Maintenance Minder 7: Replace brake fluid [3 years ~ 30K miles]


The maintenance minder system is nice. However, things can and do go wrong. For instance, lets say you take your Honda in for service and the mechanic does an oil change and rotates the tires, then resets the maintenance minder. That’s all well and good, unless the code displayed was B 1 3. The car was due for a transmission service and inspections, but it didn’t get that, and now the reminder has been cleared. This happens a lot at quick lube shops and auto repair shops that don’t specialize in Honda.

This scenario can be avoided though. Let’s say you bring your Honda in to us for service and it has a B 1 4 displayed, but you don’t want to do the full service yet. The 4 is often a bit expensive and maybe it’s not a good time for it; you’d rather just do an A 1 and get the B and 4 later. We can use the Honda scan tool to tell the system that we did do the oil change, but didn’t to the spark plugs and valve adjustment.

In the end, the best way to keep track of your Honda’s service record is the old-fashioned way. Keep records. However, if you’re not the super-organized type, that’s not a big deal these days. Nearly all independent Honda shops and Honda dealerships keep computerized records that can be easily emailed.

Honda Repairs

What’s the difference between service, maintenance, and repair. I generally think of service and maintenance as the same thing: replacing parts, fluids and oils on a schedule. Honda repairs are a little different. A repair is fixing the car when something stops working. All mechanical things eventually break. Even a relatively reliable Japanese car like a Honda will need some repairs over its lifetime.

Some repairs are optional, and some aren’t. Often it’s pretty obvious what needs to be done. If the starter fails and the car won’t start anymore, well, it’s time to replace the starter. Other times it’s not so obvious. Lets say a Honda dealer said the compliance bushings are cracked. Do you need to replace them? If so, how soon.

This is where we can help. Everyone at Art’s works hourly. There’s no commission or bonus pay. Everyone makes a reasonable amount of money and will continue to do so whether you authorize the repair or not.

Give us a try!

If you’re new to Honda or new to Berkeley (or the East Bay), please give us a try. Whether you have an Accord, Civic, CR-V, Pilot, or Fit, we’re willing and able to provide you with excellent service. Thanks for reading. We hope to see you soon.

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