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Happy holidays! Art’s Automotive will be closed 12/25 – 1/1 for Christmas and New Year’s

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Welcome to the Art’s Automotive website, where we share a bit about our views on car repair issues and how we run our shop based on our 35 years of experience. You’ll find articles on many car repair subjects, from basic information for automotive neophytes to very technical details aimed at other mechanics and advanced DIY enthusiasts. This site also contains information you may need before bringing your car in for service such as how to make an appointment, what to expect when you bring your car in, which makes and models we repair, and what services we offer.

We repair select Japanese vehicles. Why don’t we fix all makes and models? It’s simply not possible to be competent without specializing. Every brand requires proprietary hardware and constant training to keep up with the new models as they are released. This makes it necessary for us to narrow our focus to maintain quality and expertise.

We’re probably best known for our hybrid and electric vehicle expertise. Berkeley was the epicenter for early adopters of some of the first hybrid and electric vehicles like the Insight, Prius, and RAV4 EV, and we committed to training and tooling when the first generation of hybrids were still under warranty. Hybrid repair accounts for about 25% of our car count these days and this number is growing every year.

We are a true dealership alternative. We train for new models as they are introduced. We buy the same equipment and subscribe to the same technical websites as the dealers. We offer full service; we don’t just cherry-pick easy repairs and car maintenance. We stock genuine parts and special oils and fluids for every make we repair. In short, we are equipped and competent at the same services and repairs offered by dealerships.

If you’re looking for auto repair Berkeley, Art’s Automotive is a shop you can trust, please check us out. Our Yelp reviews are impressive (Thanks to those of you who took the time to write!), we’ve won many awards (Thanks to your votes!), and we’ve received “double checkmarks” for price and quality in The Bay Area Consumers’ Checkbook which is like Consumer Reports for local business. We are active in the industry through the ASCCA, community college advisory committees, and Paul teaches the Advanced Hybrid course at Contra Costa College. We come to work because this is what we like to do.

Our motto, created by Art 35 years ago is: Thorough, Competent, and Caring. This is what we strive for every day. We’re not perfect, but we do the best we can.