Dropping Off and Picking Up

Is it difficult to get your car to us between 8am and 9am? Can you not make it back before 6pm to pick up your vehicle?

Have no fear! We can accommodate this!

There are two systems in place to accommodate early and overnight drop off of your vehicle. We have the “Early Bird” system for when the office is closed. Here’s how it works: park your vehicle on the residential street named Russell. Remove all your valuables and lock your vehicle up. If you’re facing the large roll-up gate, to the right (east) is a box full of envelopes. We try to have pens handy, but they are often stolen. Write your information on the envelope — most important is the best phone number to contact you with. Fill out the rest of the form, seal your key within it, and deposit it into the lockbox next to the gate. When the office opens, we will call to confirm that we’ve received your vehicle and make sure we are on the same page about what you want us to do with it! As always, we can be very busy in the mornings, so if you have not received a call about your Early Bird, be sure to check in around 930am or 10am to see what’s up.

The other system is a bit more simple: you can drop your car off any day prior to your appointment day during business hours. We have an indoor parking garage that we can store your vehicle in overnight. The parking garages have locking roll-up doors so you can be at ease. Of course, this option only works for people who don’t need their vehicles in the evening. There is no storage fee for customers.


What if I can’t make it before closing to pick up my car?

Have no fear! We can also accommodate this!

If you have reason to believe that you won’t make it before we shut the gates, let us know in the morning. When the work on your car is completed, you will receive a phone call. Be sure to mention to the service writer that you want to arrange a “Lock Out” once you know your car is done. For us to exercise this option, you will need to have a spare key or alarm fob in order to gain entry to your vehicle. Here’s how this works: once the car is finished, you pay over the phone with a Bank Card. We will place all your finished paperwork inside an envelope. Our normal procedure is to put this envelope, along with the key you provided us, into your glove box. We’ll lock the keys in the car, and you can pick up whenever’s convenient after hours. The car will be parked somewhere on the residential street named Russell, usually in the green zone or next to the main gate.

Of course, we are located on San Pablo near the border with Oakland. We do not have many thefts or break-ins, but since this is an urban high-traffic area, anything is possible.

We do not advocate these solutions, and we disclaim any liability for whatever thieves may do.

We offer these logistical solutions as a convenience, not as a primary means of delivery. Therefore, try to make your appointments for days where you might not have to arrange a Lock Out, or leave your car for long as an Early Bird.

Let us know if you have any questions!