Subaru mechanics in Berkeley

Why should you choose us as you Subaru mechanic in Berkeley? Perhaps the best reason is that we’re Subaru specialists. It’s nearly impossible for one shop to competently repair all makes. That’s why we, and most other good shops, specialize in just few makes. When you specialize you gain knowledge faster and you can afford to tool up with the same equipment as the Subaru dealers. This allows us to offer services typically available only at a Subaru dealer, but for much less money.

So, what Subaru repairs do we offer? Pretty much all of them except body repair.

Is Art’s the best Subaru mechanic for you?

Art’s isn’t the only Subaru mechanic in Berkeley. Subarus are popular here and there are quite a few shops that repair them. Berkeley Bob’s, Oceanworks, Ackermans, and Model Garage are all near us and have good reputations, but every shop is different and different customers have different priorities. So even though we’re not the only local shop that can do a good job repairing your Subaru, we may be the one you like most. There’s only one way to find out. Give us a call 🙂