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Art’s Automotive is a Honda auto repair shop with a long history in Berkeley. Art moved his business from his back yard to our San Pablo location in 1983 and we’ve been here ever since. Many of us still remember tuning Honda Civics and Accords with carburetors and points and condensers.

But time stands still for no auto shop; Honda vehicles have changed and so have we. First, Honda now has a plethora of new models, mid-sized SUVs like the Element and CR-V, full-size SUVs like the Pilot, Ridgeline, and Odyssey, and of course the smaller models Honda became famous for. The Civic, HR-V, and CR-Z for example.

Honda now has a variety of full-hybrid electric vehicles. Models like the Accord Hybrid, CR-V Hybrid, Insight Hybrid, and Clarity Hybrid are much better than Honda’s mild hybrid offerings of the past. However, Toyota pulled a pretty big lead at the start and Honda hybrid sales are lagging way behind.

Why should you choose Art’s as your Honda repair shop?

Honda tools

First, we specialize in Honda repair. While most auto shops have generic or universal enhanced scan tools, we have the same tool as Honda dealerships – the Honda HDS scan tool.

This means we’ll be able to reset your maintenance minder properly and that we’ll be able to diagnose your car correctly the first time. It also means that our shop will be able to follow the procedures from the Honda service manual and fix your car properly.

Honda information

We also subscribe to Honda SIS (service information system). Most auto shops will subscribe to a generic information service like Alldata or Motologic. While these services do have value (we actually subscribe to both of them as well), the best information always comes directly from the manufacturer.

Honda parts

Everyone likes value, and by “value” I mean a good price for a good quality part. Sometimes people use the word value to substitute for cheap, and they’re not the same thing.

Buying and installing a less expensive part can lead to a much higher price in the long run. Penny wise pound foolish. We buy most of our Honda parts directly from Berkeley Honda. Buying genuine Honda parts is always a safe bet.

However, we also buy OE (original equipment) parts. These are parts made by the manufacturer that originally made the part for Honda. When available, we can save you some money on repairs and make a better profit ourselves. It’s a win-win.

Advanced capablities

We won’t need to send you off to a Honda dealership because we don’t have the equipment or knowledge to work with modern high-tech Honda systems. We are a full-service Honda auto repair shop.

Whatever service or repair your Honda needs, you’ll be covered. You won’t need to wonder if you’ll end up needing to take your car somewhere else for certain types of repairs. We can do it all.

What can you expect from our Honda auto shop?

We offer the following auto shop services for Honda:

Honda dash display