Art’s Automotive warranty

Parts: All new and remanufactured parts have a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, unless specified differently on the repair order. Used parts have no warranty, unless otherwise stated in writing. All parts listed on repair orders are new unless otherwise noted.

Labor: Workmanship is guaranteed for one year. There is no warranty on work NOT performed.

Remediation: Parts and labor are covered, regardless of whether the failure was due to workmanship or a failed part. Art’s will either repair the car or refund the original price of the repair work at our discretion. You must bring the vehicle back to Art’s for warranty repairs unless authorized in advance.

Limitations: This warranty is non-transferable and does not cover damage caused by abuse (e.g., overheated clutch discs and brake
pads, continuing to drive an overheating car, driving without oil(s) or fluid(s), racing, off-road use, etc.). Incidental and consequential damages (such as towing, rental car, hotel, etc.) are not covered.