Subaru key fob programming

We’re experts as Subaru key fob programming. In addition to be a full-service Subaru service center, and excellent Subaru mechanics, we’re also licensed car locksmiths.

Chipped keys? No problem. Key fobs? No problem. Can we program a new Subaru smart key? Yup. We can even repair your old Subaru key fob in many cases.

Will you program a key fob I supply?

No, but I feel like I owe you an explanation. We have programmed customer-supplied Subaru key fobs in the past, but we’ve had a lot of bad experiences. It’s actually surprisingly difficult to order the correct smart key or key fob for a Subaru and when people buy their own keys, they frequently get the wrong key. A key may look 100% identical but be wrong for the car. How do you know it’s the wrong key? Well, I spend two or more hours struggling to register the key and then eventually think. Hmm. Maybe this is the wrong key. I try a different key, and it registers immediately. Who’s paying for my time?

Do you have any cheaper Subaru key fob options?

Sometimes. We’re always going to be cheaper than going to a Subaru dealership because of our lower labor rate, but we may also have some lower cost options for the key fob as well. Aftermarket key fobs are available for some models and years and are less expensive than buying a key from a Subaru dealer. If the key fob shell is damaged, we stock many replacement shells for Subaru. If the old key has stopped working, we may be able to repair the circuit board for you.

Do you have my key in stock

We very well may your key in stock. We have around $20,000 in car key fob inventory, so the correct key fob for your Subaru may be hanging on our wall. However, the number of different keys is amazing. Subaru (and other manufacturers) will have keys that only fit two years of an obscure trim package and nothing else. It’s impossible to stock everything. That said, we do have some inventory that has been sitting around for years because it only fits a very rare Subaru, so you never know, maybe we have your fob in stock.

How long will it take to order a new key fob for my Subaru?

We can get most Subaru keys in one or two days when we order from a Subaru dealership. If you’d prefer an aftermarket key, it normally takes a bit longer. Aftermarket fobs can be overnighted, but then you’d need to pay shipping. Normally if someone wants and aftermarket key and it’s not in stock, I’ll order it with a stock order to get free shipping. Since the point of getting an aftermarket key fob is to save money, this method usually makes the most sense.

What if I’ve lost all of the key fobs for my Subaru?

We can make you a new key fob even if you’ve lost all of your keys. However, we’ll need you to bring some documentation with you.

Time needed: 1 day

If you’ve lost all of your Subaru key fobs (smart keys), here’s what we’ll need.

  1. Your car must be here at our Berkeley shop

    We can’t make a new key fob unless we have the car. The vehicle ID must be written to the key and the key ID must be written to the vehicle. Both the car and the key must be in the same place at the same time.

  2. Your current vehicle registration

    We need to be able to confirm you own the vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular customer and we know it’s your car. The NASTF SDRM (secure data release model) requires we upload this document, and without the SDRM, we can’t get the code to unlock your Subaru.

  3. Your driver’s license

    We’ll need to physically see and scan your driver’s license. The name on the driver’s license must match the name on the registration.

  4. Your authorization

    We need your consent to get a code (seed value) to unlock your Subaru’s immobilzer. We also need your consent to work on your car for the BAR.

Can you cut “laser” keys?

Laser cut keys or high security keys are common on many Subaru models and are often used for the emergency key insert on Subaru smart keys. We have a CNC key mill that can make nearly all types of physical keys and key inserts.

How to program a new Subaru key fob

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to program Subaru remotes, chip keys, smart keys, or key fobs without some fairly expensive equipment. You may have seen some online tutorials with DIY instructions for pairing a key fob, but they will only work with older models. All Subaru vehicles newer than 2005 will require a scan tool to register a new key or remote.

What tools are required

The Subaru Select Monitor 4 is the current Subaru factory scan tool. We own one and pay to keep the subscription up to date. Using this tool requires a LSID (car locksmith license) and logging into Subaru’s technical website to download a seed value. It’s actually fairly time consuming because we need to fill out NASTF “paperwork” (online forms) documenting that we have verified that you own the vehicle. We also need to upload copies of your vehicle registration and driver’s license.

Because that process can be a bit of a pain, we also own some aftermarket tools that can also program most Subaru keys. The “most” is pretty important. In the event that a tool is incapable of registering a new key, it’s very important to have a tool that we’re sure will get the job done. Imagine starting a key registration and disabling the car only to find that the tool isn’t able to get the key registered. That’s the stuff of nightmares. Imagine the shame of needing owing a car to a Subaru dealer because we failed and paying the insane prices they demand. Anyway, that’s why we have the Subaru factory scan tool. It’s also why we don’t do Nissan or Mazda keys. We no longer subscribe to their information services.

How much does it cost for the Subaru key fob?

The only way we can answer this question is to look it up. There are literally hundreds of different Subaru key and choosing the right one is by looking it up by VIN (vehicle identification number). If your car has been to our service center before, we’ll have it on file. If not, snap a photo of the VIN plate on the driver’s door jamb and give us a call. You may also find your VIN on your proof of insurance card or vehicle registration. We’ll create an estimate and email or text it to you.

Can you make a new key fob while I wait?

Yes, we can make a key fob while you wait with some planning. We’ll need to verify that we have the key in stock (and set it aside) or order the key ahead of your appointment. We’ll also need to make sure a mechanic with a locksmith’s license is available on the day/time of your appointment.