What To Do While Waiting For Your Car


Ideally you wouldn’t wait around for your us to fix your car. It’s much better to be at home, or at work, or spending the day with a friend, or anything other than spending the whole day sitting around wondering, “Is it done yet?”. However, sometime this is just not possible, and you need to wait around for your car to be done. Here are some places to go to keep your mind off your car and how long it’s taking to fix.

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Update 04/2020 — Yikes! Apparently every single business on our list had gone out of business since we published this. I guess you can’t write a web page and leave it sitting for 10 years without modification. Sorry about that! Here’s some more current recommendations.


13 acres of open space. There’s a playground for kids, tennis courts, basketball courts, picnic benches and lots and lots of grass for you and your dog. A mere 4 minute walk from Art’s Automotive, it’s a great destination for a shorter wait.

Walking directions to San Pablo Park

4 minute walk from Art’s Automotive


Well, you probably shouldn’t spend too much time here or you won’t be able to drive your car home, but Novel Brewing is great. I love craft beer, the good stuff at least, and Novel has the good stuff. The stout they made for the 2020 SF Beer Week Gala was one of the top beers overall, and certainly the best stout. Luckily they’re right here in the neighborhood, a short 8 minute walk from Art’s Automotive.


(510) 922-9974

Walking directions to Novel Brewing Company

8 minute walk from Art’s Automotive


Sour beers aged in Oak Barrels. The Rare Barrel’s beers are collected and traded traded all over the country despite having no distribution. I like sours, but they give me heartburn. Luckily for me, the Rare Barrel also has guest beers from a number of great breweries, like Cellarmaker in San Francisco. You should call to make sure they’re open though because their hours fluctuate.


(510) 984-6585

Walking directions to The Rare Barrel

10 minute walk from Art’s Automotive


Don’t want to day drink on a weekday when you’ll need to drive home? Fair enough. If you want to go the other way and sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, Paradise Park Cafe has coffee, food, and Wi-Fi. You can bring a laptop and get some work done if you’re a mind to .

(510) 756-3131

Walking directions to ParadisE Park Cafe

17 minute walk from Art’s Automotive


It’s good Korean food. I like everything about it except for my breath after eating it. Please stand a foot or so away from the counter when picking your car up 🙂


Walking directions to Spoon Bistro

6 minute walk from Art’s Automotive


As the name suggests, Urban Ore is a place where you can mine through the refuse created by our consumption based economy. Like the saying goes, one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Urban Ore saves the good stuff from the scrap heap. If you find yourself thinking, “they don’t make them like that anymore”, well you might find one made like they used to make them. Even if you don’t need anything, it’s fun to wander the isles of this giant warehouse looking at stuff from by-gone eras. Pretend you’re an anthropologist, none of the other shoppers will be able to tell.


Walking directions to urban ore

8 minute walk from Art’s Automotive