Used Oil Collection Center


Wondering how to dispose of motor oil? If you’re in Berkeley California, Art’s Automotive will take your used motor oil up to a 5-gallon container for free. In fact, we’ll give you .04 cents a quart for it.

Not because it’s worth anything, but because the state requires it as an “incentive” to do the right thing with waste oil. If you have 5 gallons, you could walk out of here with a cool .80 cents and buy yourself a, um, uh.  OK, you can’t buy anything with .80 cents anymore.

No Businesses !

This service isn’t available for businesses. Individuals only. If you run a business, pay your own way, just like we do.

photo of a used oil collection center sign

Check in at the office

If you want to drop your oil off, just go into the office and let us know and we’ll direct you from there. We typically don’t take containers, so plan to take whatever you brought the oil in back with you. If you feel like you’re going to have trouble disposing of the container properly, we’ll help guide you.

Don’t drop off after hours

Absolutely, positively, never ever leave motor oil here when we’re closed. We’ll hunt you down and make you drink it. It would be like killing John Wick’s dog, or kidnapping Liam Neeson’s daughter. You don’t want to live the rest of your life peering out your curtains waiting for the day a Prius silently glides up in front of your house, would you?

Other Resources

Not near Art’s Automotive? Wondering where else you can dispose of used motor oil for free? Here’ where you can find another oil recycling facility.

If you have hazardous waste other than oil, you can still dispose of it responsibly for free.

If you live in Alameda County, there’s a drop off facility on East 7th and Kennedy. Check this link for more information.

If you live in Contra Costa County, there’s a drop off facility in Richmond on Pittsburg close to Richmond Parkway.