Scheduled Maintenance Intervals


Every car needs maintenance if you intend to have it last for the long haul. Many manufacturers are increasing the mileage interval of services, or simply omitting fluid changes from their list of maintenance items. They do this to decrease the annual cost of ownership line-item on the new car sticker, making the vehicle more attractive to fleet purchasers and allowing television boasting. The systems haven’t changed, only the recommendations have. Consumers are led to believe this because it further helps new car sales, and also lets dealership service departments provide cheap initial estimates. After you arrive for your cheap service, you receive a phone call up-selling you every item that should have been pre-sold.

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Regardless, here’s a general guideline for most vehicles. We can talk you through maintenance considerations in more detail if you schedule an appointment or give us a phone call @ 510-540-7093. Thanks!

(1) “Oil Change” – Every 3000/3750 Miles

Replace engine oil using correct weight or synthetic
Replace oil filter using factory genuine
Reset service reminder
Inspect tires and set tire pressures

(2) “Minor Service” – Every 7500 Miles
Perform #1

Rotate and balance tires
Inspect brake pads and linings

(3) “15K Intermediate Service” – Every 15000 Miles
Perform #1 & #2

Perform full vehicle inspection
Replace automatic transmission fluid
Replace engine air filter

(4) “Major Service” – Every 30000 Miles
Perform #1, #2, & #3

Replace spark plugs (conventional electrode)
Replace manual transmission & clutch fluid
Replace brake fluid
Replace front differential gear oil (if equipped / AWD)
Replace rear differential gear oil (AWD / 4×4)
Replace transfer case gear oil (4×4)
Replace cabin air filter
Perform Valve adjustment (Some cars)

Repeat the above lists until certain other procedures are required:
Usually around 60,000 Miles

Replace spark plugs (many platinum designs)
Replace engine coolant
Replace CVT (continually variable transmission) fluid
Consider preventive valve adjustment

Usually around 90,000 Miles

Timing belt job replacement interval for Toyota, Mazda, (some) Subaru, Hyundai

Usually around 105,000 Miles

Timing belt job replacement interval for Honda, Subaru
Replace spark plugs (Iridium tipped designs for Honda)
Official valve adjustment (Honda)

Usually around 120,000 Miles

Replace spark plugs (first replacement for Toyota Iridium; repeat interval for many other cars)


Obviously this list isn’t specific to every vehicle. Your owner’s manual will have a basic outline as to what you should be doing