Honda Insight Auto Stop


The Honda Insight auto stop feature will not work if certain conditions are not met:

1. The engine must be warm
2. The car must be driven for at least 2 minutes.
3. The outside air temperature must be above 41F. The temperature sensor is behind the front bumper. Check to see if it’s connected.
4. The 12 volt electrical load must not be too high. Headlights, wipers, defroster, and other electrical accessories will load the 12 volt system.
5. The 144 volt battery must have adequate charge.
6. The clutch switch, neutral switch, and brake switch must all be working.
7. And the climate control must be completely off (with a blank LCD), or in ECON mode.

This last condition seems simple, but the Insight climate control panel has a confusing mode which can be entered by hitting MODE, then the button with the fan symbol. Even though the AUTO button has not been touched, and it appears that only the fan is on, the climate control is in full auto mode and the AC compressor comes on as need to maintain the set temperature. (See the first picture in the right column.) The MPG is reduced and the Auto Stop will not work.

The Auto Stop will work in these modes:

Auto Stop will work -- OFF

climate control display showing 60F, face vent, A/C ON and ECON

The Auto Stop won’t work in these modes: