Bulletin – Catalytic Converter Rules For 2009

As of Jan. 1st 2009 there are new rules regarding the sale and installation of catalytic converters in California. Converters that were previously CARB OBDI or CARB OBDII certified can no longer be sold or installed on cars registered in CA.

Obviously, we have been complying with the law, which means selling off our inventory to out-of-state buyers and at least for the time being, selling OE (Original Equipment) converters only.

It’s becoming obvious that Smog Check stations will be not only checking to make sure the converter is present, but also checking for an EO number (indicating it complies with the new law) on the converter if it is new looking.

What does this mean to our customers? Well, if you are one of the many Toyota Truck or 4Runner owners who had his or her catalytic converter stolen, and opted to have an aftermarket replacement installed, you may run into a smog tech who fails your converter for “tamper”.

If this happens to you, don’t worry. Just show the smog tech a copy of your original invoice so he can see that the converter was installed before December 31st 2008. This coupled with the CA number stamped on the converter will prove it is a legal replacement. We will provide you with a duplicate copy of you invoice if you have lost your copy.

Don’t get upset with the smog tech, he just doing his job. If he doesn’t he can be fined, lose his license, even go to jail. It’s obviously a pain dealing with stuff like this, but have you noticed how nasty the horizon looks when it’s warm out these days? We all need to do our part.

Keep in mind we are able to provide invoices for all repairs done at the shop. You can call or contact us to get another copy.