Diagnosis & Repairs

Diagnosis & Repairs

Help us help you by describing the symptom in your own words. Tell us that your car won’t start, don’t say “I think it needs a starter.” Avoid common phrases like: “My father says it needs a fuel pump” because they’re not helpful to us. Describe the symptoms in your own words and we’ll figure it out!

Look through the sections below for more information about particular problems, and what should be done. Be sure to visit this page about setting up an appointment when you’re ready to schedule.

check engine light indicatorCHECK ENGINE LIGHT

When this light is on…

  • The vehicle’s computer is detecting a problem. It does not illuminate without good reason!
  • This light does not mean you need an oil change or other servicing.
  • DO NOT DRIVE THE CAR if the CEL is flashing or the car is behaving oddly. You may cause MORE damage!
  • Why pay for diagnosis? Read our extensive publications about the Check Engine Light here.

maintenance required indicator iconMAINTENANCE REQUIRED

When this light is on…

hybrid vehicle mini iconHYBRID VEHICLES

Do you have a problem with your Hybrid?

noisy car iconNOISES

If you hear something odd, take note:

  • When can you hear the noise? Is the car cold? Is it while braking?
  • What is the nature of the noise? Do you hear it all the time, or only when moving?
  • Does it sound like metal-on-metal, maybe softer noise? Whooshing? Ticking? Don’t be embarrassed! We need to know
  • All cars make noise. If you only hear it sitting at a drive-through or inside a parking garage, there’s not likely anything wrong.

strange behavior penguinSTRANGE BEHAVIOR

If something is just “not right” with your car…

  • Find out the best way to describe it to us. We may not notice the problem if you don’t make a point of bringing it up.
  • “Tune-ups” don’t tend to improve the way in which your car drives. If you expect for one to fix a problem, you will be disappointed.
  • Some fixes require diagnosis, for which we charge labor. Other fixes are obvious, and we can provide an estimate for repair.