Prius & Hybrids

Art’s Automotive has been servicing and repairing hybrid vehicles in Berkeley since 2002. We have invested in HEV and EV tooling that not even the dealerships own, such as the ALLTEST PRO 31 electric motor tester, a ELCON high voltage battery charger, and a milliohm meter. Of course we also have the more common HEV tools like megohm meters, oscilloscopes, and most importantly, factory scanners for every make we repair.

Our very own Paul Cortes teaches the Advanced Hybrid course at Contra Costa College, writes for Nissan Technews and other publications, and was part of the ASE Light Hybrid (L3) test development team. As you can tell, we work hard to stay ahead of the Jones’s and stay as up-to-date as possible.

Why should you trust us with your hybrid?

When looking for a shop to service your hybrid, the biggest concern should be the mechanics’ ability to maintain, diagnose, and perform repairs competently. At Art’s Automotive we’ve gone out of our way to make sure we have the tools, training, parts, and experience necessary to do the job right. We’ll keep your hybrid running like new and its warranty intact.

We don’t just perform hybrid maintenance and repair. We’ll tackle the difficult failures too, the type of stuff most independents are shying away from. We won’t take your money for routine service, then shoo you off to the dealer as soon as you have a major problem. Body shop sublets and poorly repaired salvaged vehicles have given us early exposure to some real “head scratchers,”the type of diagnosis normally reserved for the top-level dealership techs with tech line support.

We also are not camera shy at Art’s Automotive! You can find nearly complete documentation of our noteworthy repairs in our Hybrid Car article repository. At this time, there are over 20 articles featuring advanced hybrid projects!

Why not just take your hybrid to the dealer? Aren’t they experts?

Most of the dealerships will provide very competent hybrid service. However, we can equal their level of expertise, and charge substantially less money for the same services and repairs. We have several Toyota Techstream scanners, the Honda HDS scanner, and the Hyundai and Kia GDS scanners. It’s impossible to offer competent hybrid repair without a dealer level scanner. Some dealerships in our area have a labor rate of $180 per hour! You may need to forgo the dealer’s waiting room with the leather couches and big screen TV and the handy shuttle to Bart. However, with the money you save on service, you should be able to rent a car for a day and still have money left over to save up for your own big screen TV.

Common Hybrid questions

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