How To Get Around Without Your Car

Art’s Automotive does not have a shuttle service or loaner car, so how can you get back home, or, if you’re not that lucky, work? There are several options available:


Have a friend, coworker, or spouse give you a ride. You can always reciprocate so you don’t feel like you are taking advantage. Maybe your coworker is having the same problem when they bring their car in for service and both of your lives could be improved. You just have to ask. Please make sure you allow enough time for getting signed in so no one ends up being late to work. 15 min ought to be enough time even on a busy day.

We’ve had many a customer yell out, “Anyone going to BART/campus/etc.?” during the morning rush, and it often works! New friends can be made and transportation requirements can be met!

Not an extrovert? Don’t like relying on anyone else? Yeah, me neither. You shy lone wolf types can still make it to work on time without involving any unpaid participants.


BART is exactly one mile from Art’s Automotive. If you walk at a brisk pace, it will take about 15 minutes to get there. Of course, this only helps if you don’t mind walking and BART goes where you want. There is also a number 9 bus that goes up Ashby to the BART station every 20 minutes from 8 AM to 10 AM. Please check the AC Transit site to make sure the bus line or schedule has not changed since I wrote this.


If you are going to San Francisco, the J bus leaves Ashby and San Pablo at 8:10, 8:29, and 8:49, and arrives a the Transbay terminal 16 minutes later, traffic allowing. Once again, please check the AC Transit website to make sure the schedule has not changed since I wrote this.

If you are going to the UC Berkeley Campus, the #9 bus goes from Dwight & San Pablo to Shattuck & University. Dwight is 7 blocks (1/2 a mile) from Art’s Automotive, and it should take about 7 minutes to walk to the bus stop from here. The bus comes every 20 minutes and takes about 12 minutes to drive to Campus. If you are lucky, the trip from Art’s will take 20 min total. If you’re unlucky (and show up at the bus stop just as the bus is pulling away) it will take about 40 min. This page may not stay up to date, so spend the extra 30 seconds to click on the link and make sure the route has not changed!

If you are going anywhere else by bus, try AC Transit’s Trip Planner on their website. You may need to run the search a couple different way to get a reasonable trip. For example, I’ve entered a starting point and a destination using “fastest possible itinerary” and ended up with a trip containing 3 separate busses. When I searched the same trip with “fewest transfers” selected, I discovered there is one bus that will take me right where I want to go with a 5 minute increase in the time it will take.

Do you have errands to run all over town? Or do you hate public transportation? That’s OK, you still have options.

RENTAL CAR (it’s really not that expensive!)

There are several rental car agencies that will give you a special rate while your car is at Art’s Automotive. Renting a car is surprisingly inexpensive at some agencies, making it affordable most people who can afford to drive a car. They will pick you up at Art’s Automotive when you drop your car off, and they will drive you back to Art’s when you drop your rental off at the end of the day. Be sure to reserve your car ahead of time so you don’t get stuck renting a more expensive car or frantically searching for an agency with any cars left.


$19.95 per day for Art’s Automotive customers.(verify price has not changed!)

Don’t let the name put you off, the cars aren’t all that bad. They rent Fords, but they are not exactly relics.

Enterprise Rent a Car

510-526-3900 (on San Pablo)
510-985-0096 (Emeryville)
510-841-8300 (on Ashby)

$34 per day less 10% for Art’s Automotive customers (verify price has not changed!)

Hertz Local Edition

510-558-1438 (Berkeley)
510-594-0972 (Emeryville)

Newer cars, but they never called me back with current prices. In the past they’ve been $24 per day, but I wouldn’t take that to the bank. Give them a call and tell them your car is at Art’s Automotive and we said you’d get a discount. Then ask for the current price.

That’s about it. Some will no doubt wonder why we don’t have a loaners or a shuttle. The answer is “cost”. Any shop that has a loaner is going to have to recoup that cost. The cost of the loaner is coming out of your pocket, whether you are using it or you made your own arrangements. A shuttle wouldn’t cost as much to implement, but as you may have experienced yourself, the wait for the shuttle to come back from the last run often makes public transit a better option.