Art’s Automotive pro-tip: schedule your oil change early

We only schedule a limited number of oil changes per day, so they fill up really quickly. We feel bad that we can’t accommodate folks when they call in at the last minute, but if we opened the flood gates, we wouldn’t make a profit. For us, oil changes are break-even at best. We’re trying to match prices with quick lube shops that pay their “techs” minimum wage and buy the cheapest parts available. We sell conventional motor oil at our cost and we bill 15 minutes for a job that takes a 1/2 hour complete.  If we filled the schedule with oil changes it wouldn’t be sustainable, so we limit oil changes to about 20% of our schedule. Since oil changes occur at a 2:1 ratio to other types of preventative maintenance, the oil change slots fill up fast.

5,000 and 7,500 mile services are not capped on our schedule, so if this is what you’re due for, you may be able to schedule an appointment sooner. It’s important to know that an oil change is never followed by another oil change; there is always a service in-between oil changes. In fact some models do not have any scheduled stand-alone oil changes at all. You can find out by checking your owner’s manual or asking us.

If you give us a call a couple weeks before you need an oil change, you’ll get the day you want. If you have a consistent commute and mileage accumulates in a predictable pattern we can set up your next appointment while you’re here for service – just like your dentist.

We can schedule your oil change as a while-you-wait at 8:15, 9:00, or 10:00. The oil change itself takes about 1/2 hour so with office time the typical total wait is about 45 minutes. Drop off appointments are also available and are actually more convenient for many people: drop the car off before work and pick it up after. We have an early-bird drop off for those of you who leave for work early.

If you forget to schedule in time, it’s unlikely that the miles you drive in a couple weeks will make much of a difference. However, be sure to check your oil level and top it off if needed! Oil level is more important than condition. No oil is always much worse than degraded oil. Checking and adjusting your oil level and tire pressure are the most important things you can do to maintain your car and keep repair costs low, yet so many drivers don’t.