Honda Service Berkeley

Honda Service Berkeley

Honda Service BerkeleyArt’s Automotive has been repairing Honda cars since the first day we were open for business over 35 years ago. Carburetor issues have given way to hybrid battery problems, but Honda cars still have the some of the same character as when we started and we still love them.

Liking a car does not equate to competence, so we’ve done a bit more than proclaim our love for the brand.

First, we’ve always been equipped with a Honda factory scanner. We got our first PGM-FI Tester long before the OEMs were required give independent shops access to the same tools as the dealerships. We’ve since upgraded 3 times and we now have the most modern incarnation the HDS MCVI made by Vetronix. What does this mean to a Honda owner? It means we can service, diagnose, repair, and reprogram your Honda, just like a dealership. It is simply not possible to do all types of service and repair without the factory scanner. A shop without and HDS will be unable to properly perform diagnosis for many problems. They won’t be able to update the control units, which is the ONLY way to fix many problems these days. And the won’t even be able to enter service data into the Maintenance Minder system properly, which means they won’t even be able to change an air filter properly, since that’s maintenance minder item 2.

We also subscribe to ISIS for Honda and Service Express for Acura. These are information services that allow us access to all types of factory information, from manuals, to diagrams, to parts catalogs, to service bulletins, and even the Honda Service News magazine back issues. Being a mechanic is less about knowing how systems work and more about being able to look information up. There are simply too many different systems for any one persons to “know”. For those of you with jobs that require access to journals and other documentation behind a paywall, you know how critical access to reliable information is.

We have the information and the tooling to fix your Honda correctly, but there’s still a piece missing: to restore a Honda or Acura to like-new condition, you have to use the same parts, oils, and fluids it had when it was new. Here at Art’s we stock genuine Honda oils and fluids like Honda CVT fluid, Honda Long Life Coolant, Dual Pump Fluid, and many others. We also stock many genuine Honda parts and for any we’re lacking we can order from Berkeley Honda, just a mile away. Where possible, we’ll look for OE parts to save you a little money. An OE part is a part that is the same as the genuine Honda part, just without the box. For instance, if you buy spark plugs from a Honda dealer, you’ll find the plugs are NGK. Often we can buy the same plugs with the NGK box instead of the Honda box for less money and pass the savings on to you.

Finally, there’s us, the employees of Art’s Automotive. You could give a monkey an HDS scanner, login info for ISIS, and a box of Genuine parts, but he probably wouldn’t do a very good job of fixing your car. Every mechanic at Art’s is ASE certified, and Paul helped write the L3 ASE test. Our least experienced mechanic has 16 years in the industry. Our average employee has been working here 15.8 years; that’s mean average, not median or mode, and no, it doesn’t include Art and his 35 years here.

If you’d like dealership level competence without dealership price or attitude, please give Art’s Automotive a try!

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