Berkeley Auto Care

I’m going to be honest here. This page is designed to pull you to our website. Apparently people search for Berkeley auto care or Berkeley auto repair when looking for a new mechanic in Berkeley. This page is designed to help Google help you to find us. Click here to visit our main page.

But wait! Please don’t leave yet. This is a great website and we’re a great shop. Are we the best auto mechanic in Berkeley? For some services that might be true. Regardless, please stick around and check out some of our other pages. We have over 150 articles on this site ranging from very technical to primers for people unfamiliar with auto repair who don’t know what scheduled maintenance is really necessary or want an explanation of the auto repairs they need. Sorry. It’s time to say Berkeley auto care again. The SEO tool demands it.

Berkeley auto repair

As it turns out, putting the key phrase in headers is important. That’s why the header above says Berkeley auto care. Oh wait. It says Berkeley auto repair doesn’t it. I could use the backspace to fix my error, but I’ve just mentioned the key phrase twice and that ought to keep Yoast off my back for a little bit. (Yoast is an SEO tool I use. I actually like it and if you have a business you may want to consider using it).

Berkeley Toyota Service

You probably know why the header above says Berkeley Toyota service. Yup. More pandering to the crawler. Now, Berkeley Toyota service isn’t really the same phrase as Berkeley auto care, but Toyota repair makes up about 50% of our total business, so I figured I’d throw that in as well, since people search it.

Berkeley car

So “Berkeley car” isn’t one of those phrases that I’d think of on my own. It’s similar to “Berkeley auto”, but not quite the same. Regardless, it’s not what I’d look for. Berkeley car mechanic is a popular phrase and that seems a little more likely to me.

So, I hope you found this a little funny and don’t feel tricked. While this page is certainly drivel, the rest of our website isn’t. And while this page is a little sneaky, our shop isn’t. You can count on an honest assessment and advice with no pressure to buy service or repairs. We’ll do our best to explain our findings and advise you as if you were a friend or family member. And I almost forgot… Berkeley auto care 😉