Did you know? Not all browsers are created equal. “Browser” is the name of the software program responsible for displaying web pages and web-generated programming on your personal computer.

When we speak of equality, we are referring to WEB STANDARDS. When you shop at Art’s Automotive, you expect a STANDARD of behavior. If you have an appointment on Wednesday, and we choose to be closed on Wednesday without telling you, your expectation suffers. Internet Explorer 7 and older behaves like this: it closes the gates randomly on Wednesday, and you are left trying to figure out why every other business is open Monday through Friday but not this one.

I have spent nearly 10 hours of my time programming fixes for Internet Explorer 7. This means, i have to re-do everything that worked the first time in a modern standards compliant browser.

You will *NOT* lose your bookmarks.

You will *NOT* have to spend any money.

Your new browser will be FASTER, SAFER, MORE RELIABLE.
Why is this? It’s because Microsoft is the sole proprietor of Internet Explorer, which comes default on Windows — the number 1 operating system in the world. Quite simply, they do not have to care at all whether their browser works well. It’s too bad. Versions 8 and 9 are attempting to be world standard compliant. I doubt they will be. In the meantime, most people still use 7 and it is horrible for web developers.

Try any of the ones below. Internet Explorer 8 is better than nothing if you love Microsoft for whatever reason.

blank (opera)

blank(Safari — Mac browser also works on PC)