Car traffic cone off light toyota

Is there a yellow or orange light on your dash that looks like a car? Maybe there’s a traffic cone behind the car? Perhaps a little star or cartoon looking impact “POW!” icon above the cone?

What does it mean and why is does it say “OFF”?

If you want to know what this warning light means, you’ve come to the right place. If this icon is on and the word OFF appears under it, it means the ICS has been disabled. What does the ICS do you may ask. ICS is the “intelligent clearance sonar”, and what it does is keep you from hitting things while backing up. If you try to back up into an object your car will apply the brake for you, unless you’ve turned the system off. Your Toyota is warning you that the system is disabled. That’s why the car traffic cone star OFF icon is on.

Why drive with the car and traffic cone warning light?

Why would someone turn ICS off? Well, the brake application might be a little worrying for those who like to get close to other cars while parking. It actually feels a lot like you’ve hit the car behind you while backing up. Some Toyota owners don’t like that and turn the ICS system off. The downside is that they now have a yellow car with a traffic cone behind it on the dash at all times.

How to turn the light off

You’d like to turn the car light off? Just turn the ICS system back on and it will go out. Usually, you’ll be able to turn the system on and light off by using your steering wheel switches to navigate through the menu on the instrument cluster near the speedometer.

If you’re having a hard time with turning the car light off, come by and we’ll do it for you. If the car with traffic cone behind it is flashing, that indicates a fault. We’ll need to diagnose the problem and fix it in that case.