Car Donation

Every person has a tipping point, when an auto repair expense is just a little to high to justify. And let’s face it: a newer car is usually going to be more reliable, be safer, have lower emissions, and have more features. While fixing your old car is almost always the cheapest option, your time, comfort, and convenience also have value.

It might seem like it would be in our best interest (as an auto repair shop) to keep you in a car that needs lots of repairs, but that isn’t really the case. Tailoring repairs to match a budget that matches the perceived value of a car can lead to a whack-a-mole situation where we end up seeing you every week. We like our customers, but we don’t want to see the same one every week. It starts to feel a bit like the movie Groundhog day when we start every week with the same car being towed in again.

Who wants your car?

So what do you do with a car you don’t want anymore. One option is to donate it. One of our customers works with a non-profit – California Wilderness Coalition. He asked if we’d be willing pass their information along to anybody who might want to donate a car.

I’ve checked their website and it seems legit, and is certainly a better option than Kars4Kids, since they apparently only donated $12,000 to children’s programs in Minnesota out of the $3,000,000 they had collected in that state. Anyway, CalWild seems OK to me. Their stated mission aligns with my own views, and I didn’t come up with anything negative while Googling “CalWild investigation” and similar terms.

A second non-profit “CARS” handles donations. To donate your car and have to proceeds go to CalWild, click the link below.

Donate your car to CalWild

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