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Subaru Repair Berkeley

When Art opened his own shop, he decided to work on Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mazda cars because that’s what he liked to drive and fix. For years we continued on that way, slowly adding Acura, Lexus, and Infiniti as they came into existence. When Eric joined our team in 2002 he wondered why we didn’t include Subaru in our line up. He was a Subaru Master Technician at a Northern California dealership and Subaru was the line he was most familiar with. These days, and even back in 2002, a mechanic needs to specialize. It’s too hard to keep up with the technology  and tooling for every car on the road, so we focus on only a few makes. Eric eventually talked us into including 2000 and newer Subaru models to our lineup, and we’re glad he did! There are a whole lot of Subaru cars driving around Berkeley!

Now we have 12 years of Subaru experience under our belt and we consider ourselves experts, especially in engine, head gasket, and transmission repair. We perform all heavy-duty repairs in house and we do all of our own machine work in our own machine shop so we can control every aspect of the repair for quality. Of course we also maintain Subarus as well, so we’ll also replace timing belts, spark plugs, oils and fluids, adjust valves, and similar jobs.

We have a huge inventory of Subaru parts, so we can get most cars in and out on the same day. We even stock valve shims and select-fit valve lifters so you won’t have to wait for special order parts to arrive. Genuine Subaru parts are for the most part very reasonably priced, almost all of the parts we buy come right from the Subaru dealer. In many cases, we stock parts that dealerships don’t so we can repair your Subaru quickly. Subaru vehicles tend to have fewer computer control issues than most makes. Knock sensors, oxygen sensors, and air-fuel sensors are common failures on Subarus, but that’s true of virtually any car.

We own the Subaru Select Monitor 3 (SSM-III), which is the factory scan tool for Subaru. This allows us to access more information than is possible with aftermarket scanners and generic OBDII scanners. It also allows us reprogram (re-flash) the control units with the most up to date software to correct issues discovered after manufacture. It’s also necessary for many types of repair. For instance, if a new automatic transmission is installed, the transmission control unit (TCM) need to re-learn the clutch friction points. Failing to do this will cause the brand new transmission to fail in less than a week. Unfortunately, we know this from experience. It was a $5000 mistake, but as always, we owned up to it and fixed our screw-up at no cost to the customer. Really, that’s what experience is: repeating the same jobs over and over, finding out what works and what doesn’t, and making and remembering mistakes, then offering our customers the benefits of all that we’ve learned. If you’re looking for a  mechanic who knows Subaru, you’ve come to the right place.

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