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The Accord Hybrid V6

The 2005-2007 Honda Accord V6 Hybrid. It’s not the swoopy Insight pictured in the breezeway above, but the rather regular looking sedan blocking the driveway. If you are one of the people who thought the power on the first generation Civic hybrid was too low, this is the car for you. The brakes are very responsive and the suspension is taut. It actually has more power than the regular V6 Accord and get better gas mileage as well. This is a great sleeper car for old folks like me who miss their teenage muscle car days, but don’t want admit to a middle age crisis and buy a Corvette. It also less likely to offend your left leaning friends since Honda is estimating 37 MPG highway and 29 MPG around town. However, most of these are getting more like 22 – 26 MPG combined in the real world.