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Happy holidays! Art’s Automotive will be closed 12/25 – 1/1 for┬áChristmas and New Year’s

Green Tire Options!

Art’s Automotive has great news for its Prius owners!

We are now offering two new tire options for the Second Generation (2004-2009) Prius! They both meet the factory-required load and speed ratings, but with an added bonus: improved mileage! Tire and rubber technology has advanced to a point where manufacturers are creating Green tires with Low Rolling Resistance. What this means to you: “The Prius hybrids used for this test returned an average of about 52mpg [up from 46mpg] with their air conditioners on.” (Source: Tire Rack Test)

Of course, at what cost does this new technology come at? Loss of performance, braking, safety? Is the tire outlandishly expensive, thus offsetting any savings at the pump? Believe it or not, but there is so little drawback to offering these new tires that we’ve discontinued our previous stock in order to accommodate only them!

The Bridgestone Ecopia EP100 was rated as one of the best tires in the Tire Rack Test. We offer them at a reasonable price, usually around $115 per tire.

Too rich for your blood? We’ve gone the extra mile to arrange with our tire distributor to offer a budget-oriented Low Rolling Resistance tire. This alternative option, the Hercules Road Tour 655, will offer the benefits of an LRR tire for about $40 less than the Ecopia.

As always, YMMV — Your Mileage May Vary! ┬áTire pressures, suspension alignment, daily routes, traffic conditions, driving and acceleration habits, and accessory usage all contribute to your actual MPG rating.