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Hybrid Articles

This is a category listing of all our publications pertaining exclusively to Hybrid repairs.

1 Highlander Hybrid Inverter Chris Strohm
2 2010 Prius Maintenance Chris Strohm
3 Salvaged Prius Chris Strohm
4 Smart key costs Chris Strohm
5 Adding, deleting, and replacing Prius Smart Keys Paul Cortes
6 Green Tire options! Chris Strohm
7 Installing a Prius HV Battery Paul Cortes
8 Predictive battery failure analysis for the Prius Hybrid Paul Cortes
9 Hybrid Specialists Chris Strohm
10 Prius 2nd Gen – Repairing the Multi-function Display Paul Cortes
11 Prius 30k Service Paul Cortes
12 Insight: Auto-stop only Works in certain Modes Paul Cortes
13 Prius 1st gen – P3101 & P3191 part 3 Paul Cortes
14 Prius 1st gen – P3101 & P3191 part 2 Paul Cortes
15 Prius 1st gen – P3101 & P3191 part 1 Paul Cortes
16 Prius 1st gen – Replacing Transaxle Paul Cortes
17 Prius 1st gen – Auxiliary Battery Upgrade Paul Cortes
18 Prius 2nd Gen – RFID / Lost all keys Paul Cortes
19 Prius 1st gen – Immobilizer / Lost all keys Paul Cortes
20 Prius 1st gen – Replacing the Catalytic Converters Paul Cortes
21 Insight: Removing Engine to repair Oil Leak Paul Cortes
22 Prius 1st gen – Replacing an MG2 (electric motor) Paul Cortes
23 Interesting Hybrid Technologies Paul Cortes
24 Toyota: Highlander Hybrid Paul Cortes
25 Honda: Accord Hybrid v6 Paul Cortes
26 Honda: Civic Hybrid 2nd Gen Paul Cortes
27 Honda: Civic Hybrid 1st Gen Paul Cortes
28 Toyota Prius 2nd Gen overview from many years ago Paul Cortes
29 Toyota Prius 1st Gen overview from many years ago Paul Cortes
30 Honda: Insight overview from many years ago Paul Cortes
31 Gen1 Prius P3009, High Voltage Leak from Battery Paul Cortes
32 RX400h P0AA6 INF 612, Hybrids and H20 don’t mix Paul Cortes
33 Civic Hybrid P1560 Encoder fault Paul Cortes